Monday, December 14, 2015

Listening to Records

First day of my unofficial month long vacation. I'm currently listening to The Smiths' The Queen is Dead (it's great). This is one of the records I've had sitting in my apartment for a year and haven't listened to yet. I'm going through them (there are hundreds) and deciding which should be kept, which I should give away, and sell/donate the rest.

The headphones I'm using only work if they stay in one spot. I borrowed my father's soldering gun to fix it but haven't gotten my act together to get the electronic store to pick up a new 1/8" connector.

I moved my old recorder player to my desk so I could listening to records while I "work".

During this month off, I will apply to jobs, apply for graduate school, and finish writing up for my flashy new "professional" website.

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