In an attempt to get my act together regarding recording a podcast, I've created this page as an inspiration. Rather than leave it blank, I'm going list all the podcasts I currently listen to regularly. They hit all my main interests. Lots of public radio.

This American Life
Sound Opinions
Philosophy Bites
Two Headed Nerd
Grantland Pop Culture (RIP)
Planet Money
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Steve Dangle Podcast
StarTalk Radio

The following list consists of podcasts I used to listen to but stopped. Why did I stop? While I liked them I found I wasn't getting to get them in a timely fashion so I dropped them. They're still good and I occasionally listen to them.

The Moth
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
The Savage Lovecast
Stuff You Missed In History Class
Search Engine (sadly this one ended)
Freakonoimcs Radio
Snap Judgement
Bulleye with Jesse Thorn (formerly Sounds of Young America)

So hopefully in the next couple of months I'll add my own podcast to this list.

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