Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Temp Work

I'm sitting on the 14th floor, surfing the Internet at my temp job covering someone's vacation. It's total nepotism because my aunt got me this gig. I used to work in this department years ago as causal employee, so it wasn't like I was unfamiliar with place. It's a research institution studying astrophysics, similar field as seen on the mega-popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. I used to tape their seminars, and it was interesting up to a point. The ideas, like thinking about how stars or the universe were formed, were easy to understand but the math and models weren't. It was a good job that kept me busy enough for a part-time job.

This week's job isn't as exciting. I'm doing office work, but since I'm super temporary, I'm just manning the phone and accepting deliveries. That's about it. It's really boring, like supply teaching. I guess I want to challenged a bit by my work (I also want to gain mastery at it so it gets easier over time).

But this fills a gap in my employment, means I won't be super broke by the end of the summer. Things worked out pretty well.

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